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This Nght we are GORGEOUS 

-“She was lovely with eyes that captivated your heart, a smile that drew your mind, and a presence that captured your soul. She was everything you wanted in a girl, and so much more.” 

― Victoria Sophia A.B.


qouteMaybe I’m a nonsense person to others but in front of my friends I am a special someone. I know I am an imperfect person that always makes a mistake. I’m very thankful to God that he gave me friends that always on my side whatever I do mistake. 


It’s very hard to forget someone that you love almost 8 years in your life. But you need to find way to forget and find someone better than him. You always know that there will no chances that he will gave attention to you. Now I need to forget him start at the beginning and to find someone better than him. I know I don’t deserve him love. But I deserve to be love of someone else.



(Source: tastyphotosets, via yonghwainmyhead)


Love just came to me as a lie. Then lie becomes love.
Then we learned… that sometimes, inside the lie,
There hides a truth that is more passionate than the reality.

Memories last forever, never do they die, Friends stick together and never really say Goodbye

True Friendship never dies A true friend is there always Through good times and bad Through sorrow and grief A true friend will never walk away They are here to stay They are heaven sent from above God’s Special Angels full of love And such Grace, You will know Them from the smiles upon their face. Sent to you from the Lord God above!

Bonding for our FRIENDSHIP :)

I’ll Be There 4 U…XD